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Having a business strategy or plan that creates real value for your customers is only part of the challenge ... even the best plan can fail if your team doesn't have the skills to effectively implement the plan. Our seasoned energy industry instructors and coaches have proven track records in providing high-impact skills training, tools and coaching support in a wide range of areas.


Technical Training

We provide basic and advanced Gas Industry training for both field and office personnel covering such topics as:

  • Introduction to Oil & Gas
  • Prospecting, Exploration & Evaluation
  • Drilling and Completions
  • Production
  • Natural Gas and LNG (includes pipeline operations)
  • Refining Operations (focused on operations, not chemistry)
  • Supply, Trading, Transportation and Risk Management
  • Product Marketing (wholesale and retail)

Employee Training

  • Competitive / Value Selling Skills
  • Consultative / Solutions Selling Skills
  • Excellence in Customer Service & Recovery
  • Group Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Process Improvement
  • Time Management & Prioritization
  • Meeting Planning & Management
  • Professional and Business Etiquette
  • Dealing Effectively With Conflict
  • Communicating With Impact
  • Executive Presentation Skills
  • Basic Writing Skills

Management & Leadership Training

  • Moving from Employee to Manager
  • Moving from Manager to Leader
  • Manager as Performance Coach
  • Effective Manager-Employee Relations
  • Legal Landmines in Managing People
  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention
  • Recruiting & Selecting the Best Candidates
  • Identifying & Retaining Key Talent
  • Effective Performance Evaluations
  • Compensation Management for Line Managers
  • Developing & Managing High-Performing Teams
  • Creativity & Innovation as a Core Competency
  • Change Acceleration as a Core Competency
  • Cross-Boundary Collaboration as a Core Competency

Performance Coaching

Our performance coaches have coached over 300 front-line, mid-level and senior level managers and executives — including dozens of C-level leaders. We provide three levels of coaching depending on the situation:

  • Performance Improvement Coaching
  • Leadership Development Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

All of our training offerings can be customized to suit management-only audiences, employee-only audiences or blended audiences.





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